Coffee & Brunch in Berlin: Roamers

A “must-visit” on my Berlin list was Roamers, a rustic-looking café in Neukölln at the end of a rather nondescript street that my friend and I passed by without realizing at first. Once we saw the crowd of hipsters around the corner we chimed, “This must be it!” And we were right. That crowd was actually everyone waiting for a table, not just people smoking cigarettes in between bites. One of the baristas told us that they were actually out of food so they were not serving anyone for at least a half hour before they got more ingredients in. I guess brunch on a Saturday in any major city is going to be a nightmare. We decided to wait it out, and eventually squeezed in between two groups at a communal table. The barista told us we could order coffee first while they got the kitchen back up to speed, which was fine with me: it was going to take me ages (yet again) to figure out what to order.

One little tangent first: the family I babysat for in Paris lent me their Lonely Planet Berlin guidebook, and I had it out on the table. One of the guys next to us said, “Did you find Roamers in the Lonely Planet book?” in this condescending tone.

“No,” I said. “I found out about it online.” I was rather miffed by his comment, and it seemed like a perfect example of the sometimes pretentious clientele at these places. Why can’t someone find unusual cafés and also consult a mainstream travel book for maps and other sites, at the same time? Between the two of us with no smartphones, I don’t know what we would have done without the book’s maps.

Back to Roamers, now: the interior is teeming with plants and succulents, giving it this jungle yet Southwest feel. It was unlike any café I had ever been to, which might be what makes it so appealing to city dwellers who need some green exposure. Heck, even the food was covered in leaves!


The menu was on a clipboard, of course.
The menu was on a clipboard, of course.

To drink, I ordered a cappuccino and an avocado smoothie. The latter was so creamy, reminiscent of my mom’s own avocado smoothie creations. The tree branch on top was quite a riot.



After all of that liquid consumption, we could finally order. Since it was brunch, it was a hodge podge of sweet and savory, which I didn’t mind at all. Get ready for a lot of food, and I hope you are not hungry because otherwise this will be painful!

We started with a small (thankfully actually) slice of carrot cake, which did not disappoint:


From what I recall, my friend got the soup of the day, which I think was lentil. But as you can see, it comes loaded with hunks of bread and a luscious salad, and is served on a skillet.


As for me, I rationalized that because I did not know when I’d be in Berlin again, why not order two things? I settled on the French toast with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, and the beetroot bread. The pear slices and berries really made the French toast, but I still wished there was a drizzle of maple syrup. Maybe that’s the New Englander in me. It was still amazing, as was the bread: a thick slice of wheat, smothered in goat cheese, beets (duh), walnuts, honey, greens, thyme, and yogurt. It was several flavors all at once, yet they worked so well together.

French toast mountain
Almost too pretty to eat!
Almost too pretty to eat!

Yes, it was a lot of bread and yogurt for one meal, but considering how chewy it all was, it took me a while to eat it all anyways.


It was very much a “scene” here at Roamers, probably full of indie fashion designers. More people had piercings than not.  So if you wear Uggs (do people still wear those?), maybe don’t wear them here if you don’t want people throwing you shade. Or just wear whatever you want because you’re a badass.

My friend and I must have spent about two hours there in total, and left with our bellies full. The ingredients were so fresh, like Daluma’s, so I didn’t feel like I was going to roll over in the street. Somehow, we had room for coffee and chocolate later in the afternoon…


Tues-Fri: 9:30-19h00 // Sat-Sun: 10:00-20:00

Pannierstrasse 64, 12043 Berlin – Neukölln

U-Bahn: Hermannplatz

Also check out this lovely interview.

~ H


Daluma Café in Berlin – Where All Your Vegan Dreams Come True

Why, hello there – that blog absence was longer than I expected! Since I was in India, I’ve graduated, worked doubles for a summer, taught English in Paris, and am now in that awkward limbo stage that Mark Hoppus so perfectly expressed in What’s My Age Again?:

I may have zero readers at the moment, but I’d like to use this space to finally make use of the million photos I took of latte art and vegan desserts while abroad. I tend to geek out when I find cool cafés with exposed brick interiors or extensive juice bar menus, so why not write about them? I may add a shitty travel experience story here and there as well, because Paris was not all Haussmanian architecture and Instagram-filtered flowers peeking out of French windows. When I talk about Paris, of course I love to gush about all the bread and all the cheese, however, I also like to give people a reality check: it’s just like any other city, with its own headache-inducing frustrations.

This particular post is actually not about Paris, however. I’ll review places out of order because screw chronology! I did travel a bit around Europe, and one of those stops was in Berlin to visit a college friend doing an internship there. Guys, Berlin was fucking awesome. I was only there for five days, but I managed to eat my weight times two in coffee and ice cream. Yes, ice cream is a thing there. Anyone who knows me in person knows this is a big deal for me, since I grew up eating gelato four times a week in my summers growing up in Provincetown. I’ve calmed down a bit, maybe. And even though I’m not a committed vegan (see previous sentence), I love vegan food. Enter Daluma, my first stop of many vegetarian-friendly businesses in Berlin. It was actually the meeting place for my friend and I, since I don’t have a smartphone. I still live in the dark ages with a dumbphone. Crazy, right? My technique was taking pictures of Google Maps with my digital camera before I left my apartment and writing down directions in my notebook:


My friend knew I’d like this place and she was totally right: I had to contain my squeals of excitement upon seeing people drinking cold-pressed juice in the heart of the trendy Mitte neighborhood: It really was just what I needed after sleeping 1.5 hours (researching places to go until the wee hours of the night, of course) and almost missing my plane.


Daluma Café

I took this picture from their dual-level, L-shaped bench. You just climb up and sit on one of the cozy linen pillows with your vegan fare! I’d never seen anything like it. The interior design was minimalistic yet fresh; I don’t like it when minimalistic ends up looking sterile and uninviting.

Daluma seating

My indecisiveness over what to order due to sheer excitement probably annoyed the Berliner with a man bun, but I finally settled on the “Run, Forest” juice, which had fennel, celery, apple, spinach, cucumber, ginger, lemon, parsley, and mint. It sounded delicious but I mostly chose it for its name: Forrest Gump was one of my favorite childhood movies.

With a side of sugar.
With a side of sugar.

Because I was ravenous, I also had the coconut yogurt with pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and dates. The dates were blended together, making it easy to mix with the yogurt into a sort of “porridge”. Other “base” options were muesli and chia pudding, and you could also choose tropical or berry fruit toppings as well. There’s nothing to complain about this bowl – you could tell the coconut yogurt was pure coconut meat and not filled with strange thickeners. Of course I had to have dessert too, and the Hell Yeah! was calling my name: a chocolate peanut butter brownie (all raw except for the peanuts) topped with coconut shavings and cacao nibs. And you thought vegan food was just raw kale and wheatgrass shots?


After my slightly stressful Paris → Berlin trek, this vegan snack help lift me out of my sleep-deprived state, and Daluma adds nice touches, like self-serve mint and cucumber-infused water. It’s not McDonalds cheap but it was surprisingly affordable-ish considering the ingredients are so high quality. Definitely check out Daluma if you just happen to find yourself wandering around Berlin…

~ H


Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin – Mitte

Mon-Fri: 8:00 – 21:00 // Sat-Sun: 10:00-21:00

U-Bahn (metro)/Tram: Rosenthaler Platz

Phone: 030 – 209 50255